Michelle Obama is not who she pretends to be. In MICHELLE OBAMA 2024, filmmaker Joel Gilbert does a deep dive into the life of the most popular woman in America and reveals one game-changing detail after another. Gilbert’s investigative journey takes him from Chicago to Princeton to Washington to Martha’s Vineyard and beyond. Along the way, he discovers that Michelle has created a cynical, highly effective, false narrative of her life story based largely on gender and race. In Chicago, Gilbert chronicles how Michelle has repeatedly run from the Black community or sold it out, much as her father did when he served as a precinct captain for the Daley Machine. Gilbert then exposes Michelle Obama’s “I hate politics” disclaimer as strategic cover for her intense lifelong political advocacy as he deconstructs Michelle’s best-selling autobiography, Becoming.

As the best-loved Democrat, Michelle has been preparing to run for President since 2016 by following the same formula as Barack did before her. This includes writing an autobiography, giving the keynote speech at the Democrat National Convention, and heading up a voter registration organization. Gilbert also unveils Michelle’s psychological dark side and explains how her deep feelings of inadequacy drive her to run for the presidency. Gilbert ultimately reveals the real Michelle Obama, one very few Americans know or understand, but that all must be wary of as she seeks the highest office in the land. If she wins in 2024, Gilbert predicts, Michelle will take orders from global elites…and chaos will follow as surely as night follows day.

Shocking New Revelations About Michelle Obama

In MICHELLE OBAMA 2024, Michelle’s oft-repeated story of being racially profiled by her high school counselor as regards her Princeton application is proven to be false; Michelle’s counselor is revealed to be Nan King, a Black woman, who was a church going Baptist and assistant principal. Michelle Obama has chronically tried to manipulate Black voters with phoney claims of racial discrimination to earn their sympathy and votes.

1960’s terrorist and anti-American radical Bernardine Dohrn became Michelle Obama’s close friend and mentor when Michelle was 28 years old. They were colleagues at Sidley & Austin law firm. Dohrn taught Michelle about “the politics of fear” which Michelle repeated almost verbatim on the 2008 campaign trail. Michelle continues to talk about “fear” to this day.

This is the first film on Michelle Obama that reveals her real life history. Michelle Obama 2024 takes a deep dive into her grade school and high school years, her college education, her work experiences in Chicago, and her political foundations…     Joel Gilbert

Michelle Obama is a pop culture phenomenon and is beloved by millions. She has a huge social media following with 21 Twitter million followers, 48 million on Instagram, and 18 million on Facebook. Michelle has a Netflix film based her on best-selling autobiography Becoming…

Director Joel Gilbert

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This unreleased Obama wedding photo includes Malik Obama (left with hat), the best man who traveled from Kenya, and Michelle’s close friend Santita Jackson (Jesse Jackson’s daughter, next to MIchelle) who sang at the wedding.

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