1. The Cult of Michelle
  2. Democrat Machine Daddy
  3. White Girl on the South Side
  4. On the Run from Black America
  5. Princeton Escape to and from Blackness
  6. Bernardine Dohrn’s Apprentice
  7. Selling Out the Black Community:
    City Hall
  8. Deep State Community Organizer
  9. Selling Out the Black Community:
    U of Chicago
  10. Black Authenticity Marriage Crisis
  1. Race to the US Senate
  2. Hyde Park Fashionista
  3. Selling Out the Black Community:
    Medical Center
  4. The ‘South Side Girl’ Campaign Strategy
  5. The ‘World as It Should Be’ Deception
  6. Dividing America:
    Blackness for Political Gain
  7. Michelle Goes Low
  8. The “Becoming” Campaign Tour
  9. Escape to Martha’s Vineyard
  10. The Imposter Queen

For the 2008 campaign, Michelle Obama abandoned her fashionista lifestyle (left at 2005 NAACP Image Awards), often dressing the way she imagined a simple housewife might dress in order to convince voters that she and Barack were not elitist Harvard lawyers. “I knew my clothes were making a statement,” Michelle later admitted.

Michelle Obama is still promoting her 2018 15-million selling autobiography, Becoming, on radio, TV, and at event appearances…      Joel Gilbert

This book, published by Post Hill Press, is based on one year of research and extensive personal interviews with those closest to Michelle Obama, including relatives, teachers, professors, boyfriends, and close friends. Michelle Obama’s real story and real life history is revealed for the first time…   

Director and Author Joel Gilbert

This Year’s Best Seller


Author and film director Joel Gilbert at the horrific Friend Family Health Clinic which was part of Michelle Obama’s illegal patient dumping scheme to deny services to poor Black patients at the University of Chicago Medical Center emergency room.


Joel Gilbert has done a lot of research. Keep a very close eye on Michelle Obama for 2024. She’s plausible, popular, and immune to criticism.
Monica Crowley, CPAC 2022

Joel Gilbert is a fantastic film maker and journalist. Very little of what Michelle Obama has represented about her life story is actually true. Like me, you are going to learn a lot.
Malik Obama, brother of Barack Obama

Michelle Obama being interviewed by Gayle King at a Becoming book tour event in Atlanta, Georgia on May 11, 2019.

Meticulous research is Joel Gilbert’s forte. In Michelle Obama 2024 he tells us exactly who Michelle Obama is and exactly what she is up to.
Roger Stone

A clever, persuasive, amazingly-sourced and brilliantly presented masterpiece of research and revelation.
Frank Hawkins, Associated Press

Michelle’s parents Fraser and Marian Robinson, circa 1975